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July 2007
I posted this on my blog.
Back, long long ago when the internet was young (10 years exactly, to be precise), web rings were one of the best ways to find sites about the topic of your interest. To try to spread the gospel of Brian Wilson, I set up the Brian Wilson Web Ring to help link up all the Brian Wilson and related sites that people were setting up. At the high point, there were over 100 sites, showing the interest that Brian and the Beach Boys had the internet.

The crash and emergence of blogs and networking sites, as well as powerful search engines like google, has reduced the impact of web rings, and the number of sites has reduced a bit, but it is still worth seeking out for some less well-known sites dedicated to Brian, or bands and people inspired by his music.

August 2004
Over seven years since the web ring has started- time has flown! This has probably been Brian's highest profile year, with the tour and studio album release of SMiLE, as well as the Gettin' In Over My Head solo album. The web ring home page has changed domain ( but not its look, and I have integrated the poll from my old Surfer Moon page into the site, using the web ring poll feature. Sites in the ring have reduced slightly, to around 87, after all the upheavals of the internet, but this remains an active and popular web ring that remains the best connection between Brian and Beach Boys' web sites on the internet!

June 2002
In the month of Brian's 60th birthday and historic British shows, including performing for the queen's Golden Jubilee, the web ring continues to get over 200 daily hits, and remains one of the major web rings.

October 2001
After just over a year, Yahoo and Web ring have parted ways again! However, the Brian Wilson web ring has survived a year of disruption and economic slowdown , with still over 100 active sites.

September 2000
The web ring system has now integrated with Yahoo. This has not immediate effect on the way the ring operates, but does change member interface with the web ring system. Members should look at the new member login and update facility, and at some stage put the new navigation bar on. Also, all the stats pages seem to be down so none of the stats links below are probably working. However, with Brian's very succesful Pet Sounds tour well into its second phase, I am sure the ring is still huge!

July 2000
And now we are three! There are now 130 sites in the Brian Wilson Web Ring, as Brian takes his succesful Pet Sounds tour to North America.

June 2000
If you search for "Brian Wilson" on Alta Vista, the Brian Wilson Web Ring home page is the first item in the search! (this may not always work but as of June 18,2000 this was the case.)

March 2000
The web ring spends most of this month at number 5 in the entertainment-music category, it's best month yet in terms of number of hits. On average it is getting 1000 hits a day in recent weeks!

February 2000
On 1 February 2000, the web ring gets it's biggest number of daily hits, namely 5583. At the end of the month, no doubt due to the publicity of the ABC mini-series, the web ring gets around 5000 hits for two days running to catapult to an incredible 6th placing in the entertainment-music category. A wonderful month and thanks to all the owners of the Brian sites out there who have made this a major web ring.

January 2000
As we hoped, the Brian Wilson web ring enters 2000 with a century of sites,exactly 100 sites being in the ring at the end of 1999. Despite a quite period news-wise with respect to Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys, the web ring maintains its placing in the top 40 of entertainment-music rings. Remember to follow the rings progress here (this is now a dead link).

August 1999
During this month, the ring achieves it's highest placing amongst rings in the entertainment-music category in terms of number of hits, a specacular number 20. It slips a little later in the month but remains in the top 30, showing the interest Brian Wilson does have in the internet community.

July 1999
It's the second anniversary of the web ring (17th July) and we're up to 84 sites. My objective is 100 sites in the ring dedicated to Brian Wilson, as we reach 2000....

June 1999
The Brian Wilson Web Ring reaches it's highest position so far (27) in terms of the number of hits that web rings in the entertainment-music category receive after the publicity from the A&E Biography and his tour of the NE USA. See the Web Ring's progress here.(this is now a dead link).

January 1999
The web ring system joins up with Geocities and Yahoo!. This gives the whole system greater profile and also leads to greater efficiency and more features.More news at the web ring main page

December 1998
The Brian Wilson Web Ring ends its second calendar year with 65 sites and a placing in the top 40 of Music/Entertainment rings for most of the previous six months. It has been a mixed year for Brian, the Imagination album showing that the genius is still there, but it is also the year he lost his beloved brother, Carl.

July 1998
The Brian Wilson Web Ring is a year old this month. At the end of the month there are 49 member sites in the ring.

December 1997
The Brian Wilson Web Ring ends its first calendar year with 16 sites. It's a slow start, but at least it's on the map, as they say.....

July 1997
On the 17th, the Web Ring is created. There are only two sites by the end of the first month, Andrew Gladwin's (the web ring organizer) Surfer Moon page and Hampus Klarin's music page.

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